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Basically from Science, Information Science, and Educational Technology and working in the field of Development Education since 1996. Chaired different development organizations and participated in the educational, rural development activities of different kinds.
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Chandan Sengupta
Date of Birth
2nd February 1974
Aurovindo Nagar, Bankura – 722101
West Bengal
Phone – 03242-257864
Academic Qualification
B Sc (Zoology Honours)
M A ( Comparative Religion and Philosophy)
 Completed Research in Education
( Topic: Enhancement of Critical Competencies through Computer Aided Learning Packages). The Document is under consideration of Jain Viswa Bharati Institute, Ladnun Rajasthan.
Certificate in Java, HTML, Web Page Designing, Hardware and PC Maintenance. PHP and MySQL Database.
Work Experiences
  1. Facilitated Supervisor Training Programmes organized by National Council of Educational Research and Training, Govt of India ( 1998-2001).
  1. Facilitated different skill enhancement programmes organized by Mahila Seva Mandal, Mahila Ashram Warddha. ( 2003 – 2007).
  2. Worked in close association with different Gandhian Institutions of Wardha ( as a gude, a technical consulate and a rector.( 2008-2010).
  3. Worked in close association with Informatics Division of M S Swaminathan Research Foundation, Vidarbha ( VRC Project).
  4. Prepared different training and Facilitation Manuals in local language for using in need based curriculum transaction.
  5. Submitted final document of Research to the Evaluation Committee of JVBU, Rajasthan.
  6. Accepted membership of the Network for the promotion of Girl’s Education, Capacity Building and Empowerment formed by National Council of Educational Research and Education, Govt of India.
Technical Knowledge
  1. A Web Designer having knowledge of PHP and MY SQL, Database applications and other web designing tools of current market trend.
  1. Some Active Projects:
  1. A Trainer ( Tally 9.0, Windows Applications, Photoshop, Computer Languages, Server Side Programming and Client Side Programming).
  1. A content writer, Rajeev Gandhi Computer Literacy Mission, Bankura.
  1. A Trainer,  Different Development Organisations.
  1. Live Projects( Library Automation, Online Client Management System, Online Knowledge Management Portal, Online Resource Directory Portal, Content Management System).
Basic Skills
Computer Application, Teaching Methodology and Project Planning, System Design Methodologies, Participatory Process Exercises, Resource Management System, Participatory Administrative Exercises ( Experiences of Working in Gandhian Institutions).
Areas of Interest
Rural Development, Computer Application, Cottage Industries, Small Projects;
Languages Known
Hindi, Marathi, English, Bengali ( Proficient);
Oriya ( Basic);
  • Received award from Central Hindi Directorate for proficiency in Hindi ( all India Level).
  • Received honour at Jain Viswa Bharati University for delivering a research note on Population Education.
Dept of Women Studies( NCERT), Mahila Seva Mandal, RCEAM( Rajasthan);
Contact Details
Phone – 03242-257864
  1. Modern Education in India ( NCERT, 1999).
  2. Tribal Education( NCERT, 2000);
  3. Organic Farming(Marathi/Hindi) -2006
  4. Creative Learning – Mahila Seva Mandal.2007  
  5. Teacher’s Manual ( Marathi) – Mahila Seva Mandal – 2007.
  6. Population Education Perspectives( JVBU, 2008)

All the information provided by me are updated on 4th January 2012. Research on “Cultural Nonviolence” is in progress.
                                                            Chandan Sengupta
                                                            Aurovindo Nagar, Bankura – 722101
                                                            West Bengal
My Photo
Chandan Sukumar Sengupta

Aurovindo Nagar
Bankura – 722101
West Bengal

Phone – 08016210720

Phone – 03242-257864
IECIT is an enterprise of Education Communication and Information Technology …..
Some of the Resource Directory ……

resource person Web Based Learning
Graphic Designer, RCEAM, Institute of Gandhian Studies, Swavalambi College, Adibasi College, Khatra West Bengal, IECIT West Bengal, Computer Workshop ,Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti and other 73 sister organisations.
Research Fellow, Jain Viswa Bhrati University, Ladnun Rajasthan


Result of BSc Hons ….

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