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I am sharing one of myexperience that I collected during my visit to Vidarbha. A State outpost ofMaharashtra in India Please share the experience and ifpossible send me some suggestions for enriching the Knowledge Base of personsinvolved in Action Research. A Tireless Initiative Initiatives of Ad Punjab Sirbhate indeveloping an alternative method of language development immersed withappropriate and instant remedial measures for Children with special need. Thebook compiled by him (originally in Marathi) will be useful for parents havingsuch difficulties of handling their children with special needs (specificallydeaf and dumb).The workcame across series of action research led by him under “MOOK BADHIR BANI UPCHAR – PRAYAS.” Languagedevelopment strategies adopted by him can be adopted in case of other languageshaving same root with Devnagari Scripture. Special to mention Is the effort oflanguage development without using hearing aids. His deeper onvolvement on thesubject matter made the effort a successful endeavor. After aprolonged discussion with him on the subject matter issues of special educationcame on the surface. Language development competencies configured fordeveloping a workbook for students. His tireless effort onbringing the changein the method of teaching adopted by special education instructors is reallyappreciable. He has categorised different alphabets in accord to the nature ofpronounciation. Other teaching learning strategies arranged on the basis ofthat systematised approaches.

Chandan Sukumar Sengupta

Aurovindo Nagar
Bankura – 722101
West Bengal

Phone – 08016210720

Phone – 03242-257864
IECIT is an enterprise of Education Communication and Information Technology…..
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resource person Web Based Learning
Graphic Designer, RCEAM, Institute of Gandhian Studies, SwavalambiCollege, Adibasi College, Khatra West Bengal, IECIT West Bengal, ComputerWorkshop ,Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti and other 59 sister organisations.
Research Fellow, JVBU

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    Scott W TylerI am currently at McMurdo Station in Antarctica and may be slow to respond to emails. I apologize for this inconvenience. If you require immediate assistance, please contact Marie Russell (marierussell at and warm Holidays!

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    The tool, which can be integrated to any high-end mobile phone with a video camera, is undergoing field tests involving 11 participants and the researchers plan to launch a larger field study this winter. "This is the first study of how deaf people in the US use mobile video phones," said project leader Eve Riskin, a UW professor of electrical engineering.According to the university, the engineers are now working to optimise compressed video signals for sign language, increasing the quality of the images around the face and hands to reduce the data rate to 30 kilobytes per second.To minimise the amount of battery power, the MobileASL phones employ motion sensors to determine whether sign language is being used, it said.Transmitting sign language as efficiently as possible increases affordability, improves reliability on slower networks and extends battery life, even on devices that might have the capacity to deliver higher quality video. And the field test is allowing the team to see how people use the tool in their daily lives and what obstacles they encounter.Texting or email is currently the preferred method for distance communication of deaf and hearing-impaired people. But the participants' experiences with the MobileASL phone are, in general, positive.The MobileASL system, the researches said, could be integrated with the iPhone 4, the HTC Evo, or any device that has a video camera on the same side as the screen.

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