Link to Important Sites

AP Circuits in Alberta Canada provides low-cost printed circuit board manufacturing. They also have information on the Gerber file format, as well as a free (down-loadable) utility for viewing Gerber and Excellon files.

Fineline Circuits Inc. Comprehensive range of standard and advanced printed circuit board manufacturing services, specializing in teflon stripline and microstrip circuits for various microwave and RF applications.
Imagineering Inc. advertises same-day prototypes!

Quote PCB Services advertises prototypes in 12 or 24 hours.

Sierra Proto Express in California provides low-cost printed circuit board manufacturing.

Nexlogic Technologies in Santa Clara, California provides low-cost printed circuit board manufacturing.

Accutrace, Inc. manufactures single  to 8-layer boards, specializing in smaller quantities, prototypes, pre-production, and quick turns. UL approved.

Prototron Circuits is the leading prototype and quick-turn printed circuit board manufacturer providing time to market solutions.

LANmark Circuits Printed circuit board manufacturer for the electronics industry.

Metro Circuits is the leading manufacturer of technically demanding printed circuit boards. They offer up to 26 layers, trace widths down to 3 mils, holes to 6 mils.

Advanced Circuits specializes in engineering prototypes and quickturn production.

Bay Area Circuits  is a reliable, quality manufacturer for the electronics industry an is a leader in the printed circuit board industry.

SpeedyPCB – PCB Prototypes in Ottawa, Canada  provides boards with up to 20 layers at a very low cost. All boards are UL approved and manufactured under ISO 9001.


IC and Semiconductor Manufacturers

Actel provides programmable logic parts.

Agere Systems (Formerly Lucent Technologies) makes networking ICs, communication ICs, DSP, FPGA, RF.
Allegro MicroSystems produces specialty IC’s for motion control design.

Altera Corporation specializes in programmable logic devices.

AMD produces memory and microprocessor circuits.

Analog Devices specializes in analog and conversion (A/D’s and DAC’s) IC’s. It also has a line of popular Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

Atmel produces micro-controllers and memory chips.

Benchmarq Microelectronics specializes in battery control circuit IC’s.

Burr-Brown produces analog and multimedia IC’s.

Cirrus Logic is a premier supplier of high-performance analog circuits and advanced mixed-signal chip solutions.

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. produces memory chips.

Dallas Semiconductor specializes in battery operated systems and low power sensor IC’s.

Elantec (Milpitas, California) – amplifiers, buffers, video, communications, power mosfet drivers, data processing, comparators.

Epic Semiconductor focuses on datacom ICs, bus interface ICs, transient protection.

Epson Electronics  produces microcontrollers, LCD drivers, memories.

EXAR Corporation designs and develops mixed-signal integrated circuits and subsystem products that convert and communicate real-world analog signals to the digital world.

Fairchild Semiconductor produces logic and memory chips.

Freescale Semiconductor  is a leading global semiconductor company focused on providing embedded processing and connectivity products to large, high-growth markets. (Note: former division of Motorola)

Fujitsu  produces analog ICs, ATM, microprocessors, lan/ethernet, memory.
General Semiconductor specializes in rectifiers and power MOSFETS

Hitachi makes memories, microcontrollers, microprocessors.

Hynix Semiconductor produces high-density memory chips.

Hyundai Electronics produces memory circuits.

Infineon produces a wide range of IC’s including digital, analog and microprocessors (Note a wholly owned Siemens company comprised of all of Siemens’ semiconductor activities).

Integrated Device Technology, Inc.(IDT) specializes in memory and some high-end microprocessors
Integrated Silicon Solutions specializes in high-speed SRAMS, EEPROMS, and other devices.

Intel specializes in microprocessors and peripheral device chips.

Intersil specializes in peripheral device chips.

International Rectifier specializes in power transistors and others.

Lattice Semiconductor focuses on PLD and GAL parts.

Linear Technology Corporation specializes in analog and conversion (A/D’s and DAC’s) IC’s.

Maxim Integrated Products produces a wide variety of analog, conversion and interface IC’s.

Micrel, “The infinite Bandwidth Company”, provides single chip radio receivers and other chips.

Microchip Technology specializes in microcontrollers and serial EEPROM devices.

Micron specializes in memory IC chips.

Mitsubishi Semiconductor produces MPU, CPU, memory.

Mitel Semiconductor makes analog & digital switches, DTMF, voice compressing, networking ICs.

Motorola produces a wide range of IC’s including digital, analog and microprocessors; note that the semiconductor division is now a new company called Freescale Semiconductor.

National Semiconductor produces a wide range of IC’s including digital, analog and microprocessors.

NEC Electronics makes memories, microcontrollers, microprocessors, network ICs, discrete, A/D & D/A, RF ICs.

NTE Electronics supplies replacement diodes, transistors, MOSFETS, rectifiers, voltage regulators.

NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips) produces a wide range of IC’s including digital, analog and microprocessors. 

OKI Semiconductor specializes in communications IC chips.

On Semiconductor Formerly a division of Motorola, ON Semiconductor makes and delivers power and interface semiconductors

Panasonic Industrial Company offers a full line of semiconductor devices.  Our goal is to provide manufacturers with not only high quality semiconductor components, but also with high quality semiconductor solutions

Pericom “The complete interface solution”

Philips Semiconductors (now known as NXP) produces a wide range of IC’s including digital, analog and microprocessors.

PowerTech specializes in power transistors.

Rabbit Semiconductor provides a high speed microcomputers for embedded and Internet appliances.

Realtek Semiconductor makes audio ICs, controllers, telecom ICs, networking ICs, video controller ICs.

Renesas Technology “The number one microcontroller company”

Samsung Electronics produces a wide range of IC’s and discrete parts

Scenix Semiconductors is a new company introducing very-high speed microcomputers (Note now called Ubicom)

Sharp (Osaka, Japan) – Microelectronics – memories, microcontrollers.

Siemens Components, Inc. produces a wide range of IC’s including digital, analog and microprocessors (Note: Semiconductor business now called Infineon).

Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. has developed a series of high-performance flash memory chips.

Sipex (Billerica, Massachusetts) – serial transceivers, data converters.

Sony Semiconductor (Tokyo, Japan) – memories, IR, wireless communications, audio, video.

Standard Microsystems Corporation is a supplier of leading-edge I/O solutions for personal computers.

STMicroelectronics supplies a wide variety of ICs including memories, microcontrollers, analog and opamp ICs, and many others

TelCom Semiconductor, Inc. provides battery charger ICs and others.

Texas Instruments produces a wide range of IC’s including digital, analog and microprocessors. You can find the latest SPICE models here (we have already incorporated many of these in mentalSPICE).

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. produces a wide range of IC’s.

Ubicom is the leading supplier of the Internet Processors and software protocol stacks that will connect existing and future electronic devices to the Internet.

Unitrode (Merrimack, NH) – communication ICs, linear regulators, PWM-controllers, brushless DC motor controllers, FET/IGBT drivers.

VIA Technologies (Taipei, Taiwan ROC) – microprocessor chipsets, network controllers, PC peripherals.

Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation specializes in communications IC’s.

Xilinx, Inc. produces programmable logic chips.

Yamaha produces video ICs, datacom ICs, audio ICs.

Zilog (Campbell, California) specializes in microcontrollers, microprocessors, computer peripheral controllers, DSP, and communication controllers.


U.S. Sensor is a world class manufacturer of an extensive 

variety of the highest quality NTC thermistors as well as thermistor 
probes and assemblies.  The company’s products are produced using 
proprietary state of the art processing techniques which results in 
excellent long term reliability.


Molex manufactures PCB, fiber optic and other connectors for the electronics industry.

Amp manufactures connectors and other components including switches.
3M provides various families of electronic interconnects.

Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The Company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems.
Mill-Max Mfg. Corp. provides various interconnect components. 

A/D Electronics, Inc. Original equipment manufacturers of magnetics, switches, jacks, potentiometers, and connectors. 

W.T. Storey Inc. Manufactures cables, connectors, assemblies and sub assemblies. 

Phoenix Contact is a manufacturer of modular terminal blocks and industry plug connectors, interface and bus products, PCB connectors and surge voltage protection and products.

FCI is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative and high-quality electrical and electronics interconnect systems for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications


Coilcraft manufactures leaded and surface mount inductors and specialty transformers

Citizen Quartz Crsytals–world’s largest manufacturer of quartz crystals and oscillators,
in cylindrical, plastic, metal and ceramic packages
Epson America Electronics sells semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, quartz devices and other products

Magazines About Electronics and Computers

Byte is a magazine devoted to computers, electronics, software, the Internet, and other information technology.

Circuit Cellar offers practical, hands-on applications and solutions for embedded-control designers.
Dr. Dobb’s Journal offers “software tools for the professional programmer”.

EDN is “the design magazine of the electronics industry”.

Electronic Design  covers electronics technology, applications, products and solutions.

Electronic Products reports on important developments in products and product technology.

Poptronics reports on electronics for the hobbyist and professional and has many do-it-yourself projects.

Printed Circuit Design Magazine is about about printed circuit board design and more.

Electronic Engineering Times is “The industry newspaper for engineers and technical management”.

Nuts & Volts is published monthly for the hands-on electronics hobbyist.

SMT Magazine Online – An online magazine for surface mount technology used in the assembly of printed circuit boards and other electronics.

Semiconductor Business News Daily news for semiconductor industry managers.



JEDEC Solid State Technology Association is the semiconductor engineering standardization body of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA). JEDEC has been the foremost standards development organization for the semiconductor industry since 1958.

The PCI Special Interest Group (SIG) is an association of members of the microcomputer industry set up for the purpose of monitoring and enhancing the development of the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) architecture. Get more information here about this architecture.

PC/104 Consortium provides technical information concerning the PC/104 bus used in many embedded computer systems.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., helps advance global prosperity by promoting the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about electrical and information technologies and sciences for the benefit of humanity and the profession.
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from some 130 countries, one from each country.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has served in its capacity as administrator and coordinator of the United States private sector voluntary standardization system for more than 80 years

Other Sites

T-Tech manufacturers machines for mechanically producing printed circuit boards from Gerber & Excellon input.

Bungard also manufacturers machines for mechanically producing printed circuit boards from Gerber & Excellon input. Bungard also produces a number of more traditional machines for manufacture PCBs.
Digi-Key sells a wide range of electronic components; they have an on-line Internet catalog. is a web site for Electronic Design Engineers, Programmers and Enthusiasts to Share, Earn and Learn.

Jameco sells  electronic components, PCB circuit kits, tools, and other items.

ALL Electronics Valuable resource for technicians, students, hobbyists, inventors and OEM’s. Thousands of surplus and new electronic and electro-mechanical parts and supplies including many unusual items.

Circuit Specialties sells a wide range of electronic components and systems including printed circuit board supplies. 

GraphiCode has a free Gerber file preview tool which runs under Windows 95/98/XP/2000/NT (important note: set Excellon format to 2.3, INCH/Trailing Zero Suppression format when importing drill files prior to SuperPCB V7.0.10)

Pentalogix also has a free Gerber viewer and sells both CAM and electrical test software.

Calrad electronic—one of our customers–they have some on-line schematics!

American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the premier organization of HAM radio operators.

EverythingPCB is a Printed Circuit Industry service, product and resource guide listing everything from software to manufactures to assembly services and everything in-between.

netComponents allows you to access the data sheets for 8.8 million ICs. There’s a monthly charge of $45 US.

Semiconductor manufacturer directory has large list of links.

Pixel Interconnect provides optical networking, flat panel displays and semiconductor packaging. 

Circuit Specialists Inc. They have Printed circuit board supplies including pre-sensitized copper-clad boards and etching solution
JETCAM International provides CAD/CAM software products and services for the sheet metal fabrication and aerospace industries. You can download a free DXF viewer here.

Bates Components is a fast, affordable and reliable electronic component distributor that specializes in selling obsolete electronic components, semiconductors and more.

4-Star Electronics—The web’s best source for electronic obsolete semiconductor.

About SPICE is a vendor independent source of information for Spice

simulator users.

Spice Models

International Rectifier models for diodes and others.

TI has some opamp models here.
Maxim Semiconductor–models for various ICs.

Motorola has models here.

National Semiconductor models and Spice page.

Zetex has Spice device models for over 450 transistor and diode device types.

Basic Science (Very important to electronics)

Fermilab—Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois is a research center focused on High Energy physics. Over the last 40 years, much of what we know about matter and energy was discovered here. Take a Look!

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