International Links

It is the official website, where you will find a lot of valuable information.   Especially pertinent to Canadians, but anyone might find it interesting.
This is the provincial branch of the Canadian Yachting Association.  It is certainly very interesting for all yacht club members in Ontario.  They organize regattas, certify sailors, and teach people of all ages how to sail.  They also have a free newsletter.
This website will probably be most useful to the British, but some of the links will be interesting for sailors from anywhere.  Very clear and gentle.
Cruiser Owners Association of Hong Kong
This association does not have a website so far, but for those interested, here’s contact information:

Cruiser Owners Association

Kellett Island
Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2838 6153
Fax: (852) 2838 6251
Our Secretary General is Ms Lillian Chan.
It’s a website dedicated to Islander sailboats, where you can find history, news releases, owners, designers and practically anything related to those cruisers.  A rather extensive site, very interesting writing style of the Author, and a lot of photographs, make this site a worthwhile experience.  Especially for Islander owners or planning-to-be-owners.
Official sailboat builder sites:


A place giving you an information about chartering a catamaran, designs, buy & sell, and so on.  The company is located in Florida, but they charter catamarans in most vacation places (Antigua, St. Marteen, Bahamas, Europe, and others).  Might be useful if you want to cruise a little on your vacation.
This is the home of all Vanguard sailboats such as Laser, Sunfish, Club 420, Pram, Pico, and so on.  It is a good site, albeit a bit messy.
An extremely useful site if you’re looking for a boat (sailboat or power).  It has a huge database (I believe it’s only for the US, but please make sure for yourself), and you can get notified if they get your dream boat by subscribing to the FirstAlert.   Very nicely designed as well.
This is the official website of the CCBB.  It’s clearly designed and simple, has a great choice of sailboats, trailers, motors, and more.  And best of all, the prices are in Canadian dollars!
96 sailors representing 8 nations race to complete a harrowing 37,000 mile sojourn across 4 oceans in 9 months.  This is the Volvo Ocean Race and National Geographic Channel is bringing you along for the ride.  This round the world race, which occurs only every 4 years, began in England September 23rd and ends in Germany in June.  The race course is plotted through some of Earth’s most inhospitable environments and as a result, the eight boats competing in the 2001-02 race can expect to face three-story swells, iceberg-strewn seas, and ship-swallowing squalls.  Tracy Edwards, a race veteran, will beposting dispatches on the website throughout the race.  The site also features articles on the science and environmental phenomena which will impact the race.  The Sailing Simulator allows race fans and sailing enthusiasts to put themselves at the helm of the racer, directing it to maximize tides and wind.
The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron has enjoyed a premier position in sailing in New Zealand sailing for almost 150 years. The club – and its members have an enormous reputation on the international yachting scene.  As the defender of the America’s Cup once again in 2003, ensures that The Squadron is right at the centre of the New Zealand sailing.
This is the official site of this ultimate challenge.
Mostly information about regattas and classes of boats.  This website operates from the US, but has more of an international content.
It is a page containing some pretty good racing information, such as racing handicapping systems (very technical, but extremely informative), and a lot of info about a certain sailing club.  It’s still in the works, but promises to be a really good one!
This website contains information about the Windows based application for race scoring.   There is a downloadable version – fully functional, but you can enter only 4 yachts.  It’s still a wonderful opportunity to check the program before buying it.   The website is very clear and nicely designed, and the application seems excellent, easy to operate, and attractively designed.
Nautical CD-ROM – contains well over 1000 of the best boats from ’70s to ’90s.  The website is based in Spain, very nicely designed, with screen shots from the CD-ROM.  Certainly a good tool when you’re looking for a new sail- or motorboat.
This company makes desiccants – products designed to keep moisture out of your valuable electronics.  They can help you protect your cellular phones, cameras, pagers, and all other stuff we cannot live without anymore…  It is a very nicely designed page, and if you decide to try out their products you can order them online.  This is a very valuable place to visit if you are an avid sailor. (Or live in a moist environment!).
This company is committed to providing sailors with high quality used sails.   They’ve been doing it for quite long, and now they also sell new sails – if that’s what you want.  I think that they are a good place to look for sails if you’re on a tighter budget.

You can send electronic cards from this site – if you look well, you’ll find some quite nice sailing ones too!
This is the company’s homepage.  They make software for billing and scoring for PHRF races, and you can find downloads right there – although they are not fully functional.  Of course, you can also purchase all those directly from them.   It’s not a beautiful site, but useful.
It’s a great site with downloadable sailing simulator demos (you can certainly order the full versions as well).  I’m always skeptical of the computer simulators, because they will never teach you how to sail – you just have to do the real thing to learn.   BUT – this will give you a true head start!
BEAUTIFUL pictures…  All copyrighted, but a joy to the eye nevertheless.   This is one of those pages that you MUST visit.
This is a personal album of some wonderful sailing pictures – and quite a lot of them!   Have a look…

There is a vast amount of links on this webpage.  It is certainly a very valuable site, because you will find practically any kind of information there: from books on water sports, through boat designers, to resources.  But it’s not even one tenth of the links available there – oh, just go and see for yourself.
A VERY nicely designed page with lots of interesting pointers.  You can test your knowledge there trying to solve puzzles, or taking quizzes.  There is also a gift shop, a place for classified ads, and a reference section.

This is an absolutely great page.  It’s Authors’ mission statement is as follows:   1. To be the premier cruising catamaran web site in the world by providing the best FREE cruising catamaran information on each topic, in an easy to use format.

2. To select the very best, most respected names in each field as a Page Advisors, thus providing accurate leadership information and guidance for the cruising community and wannabes. ”  I’ll add that this website has (or in some areas will have) an immense amount of information regarding not only Catamarans (although mainly), but sailing in general.

Another great website for sailing enthusiasts, with a great depth of information.  Their own description is: “Your source for everything nautical. We have 40 pages of useful information about sailboats of every kind, links to awesome products and a blog where you can play for your chance to win a monthly prize.” 
Endeavour Sailing – offers world class instruction in teaching RYA sailing courses in Lanzarote and the surrounding Islands of the Canaries.
As the name suggests, this is a “tourist” oriented web site.  In Author’s words, it “provides information on sailing, boating, fishing and everything else that has to do with water sports, cruising, charters and anything else a boater could want or need in South Florida. Its interactive and bilingual (English and Spanish).”   Very pleasant and fun looking, just like South Florida can be…
This is a site dedicated to dinghy racing.  It’s a new website, but already containing quite a bit of very useful information.  It’s definitely geared toward both the novice as well as expert dinghy sailors.  Being something a little out of the ordinary, I think it’s a great place, and especially useful for people who like it fast!
This is a guide to boating on Scotland’s west coast, lochs and canals.  Very comprehensive and well designed.  It contains interesting list of links and pictures, as well!

BoatingNews.Com is a very comprehensive site for the latest news and information on boating, sailing, PWCs, paddling, water-skiing, scuba diving, builders, parts, charters, safety, maintenance, classic boats, magazines, docks & lifts, marinas, clubs, sailboarding, regions, waterfront properties, dealers, organizations, waterways navigation, charts, hovercraft, trailers, paints, motors, drives, outboards and so much more. Plus a classified section to sell almost anything nautical.

The only comprehensive Web Site designed specifically for all types of ocean adventure.  Ocean Sports Network is dedicated to education, as well as recreation. They offer a wide range of services, including Forums, Chat Rooms, Find-a-Buddy, Classified Ads, Free Sweepstakes, Weather and Sea Conditions. You will also find a wide variety of unusual and unique products in their Marketplace.
Sailing in Paradise is an absolutely accurate statement.  Just visit their website and look for photos…  To make things even more beautiful, they offer a full set of courses necessary for you to become a sailor you want to be.  Certificates they issue are valid all over the world, and you can acquire them within days, during your vacation in Thailand.  Certainly if you want only a quiet vacation with a skipper on-board, they will do that too.
Merry Club Marina offers Jet Ski rental, sea doo rental, boat rental, sail boat rental as well as boats and motor boats for sale. They are located in Magog, Quebec (Canada), on the beautiful lake Memphremagog. 

Non-commercial website providing a yacht charter guide on charter companies and which agents to avoid. Featuring unique information on sailing and chartering in Greece and the Greek islands plus an advanced marine navigation course. By Diederik Willemsen.
This is the official website, and besides being extremely informative, it’s very nicely and clearly designed.  You can find there information not only about the regulations, but also about the work they perform (together with videos!), links to other equally important sites, and you can certainly leave your word in the guestbook.
It’s a resource site for disabled sailors.  With nice graphics, lots of information, and a wonderful idea – it’s a great webpage.
This page is still under construction, but the foundation has been around for more than 20 years.  They are a non-profit organization providing programs like Water Watch and Teach and Take a Kid Program.  You’ll also find some interesting links there.   Well, go there and see for yourself!
It’s a beautifully designed site – one of those that’s interesting AND pretty.   People who are looking for crew members, or people who would like to crew, can place their offers. Additionally they can use a lot of search-facilities to search our database. Sail’n Fun is working world-wide. Definitely worth repeated visiting.
The 180-foot, three masted, square-rigged barque travels the world on its great and long voyages.  You can enlist yourself as a crew member, and take part in this back-to-the-past wonder.  The website is very rich and complete, together with the Captain’s log, a very informative chart room describing all of the ports the ship visited, breaking news from the voyage, and many many more immensely interesting pages.  You can also see a vast amount of photographs of the ship and her crew, as well as you can send a postcard for yours truly…  Be sure to visit this beautiful website.
When you are planning a long trip off coast, for your own safety you should file a sail plan.  Leave it with your friends/family, and a Coast Guard.  If  you do this, you’ll have a better chance in an emergency – your family and the Coast Guard will know where approximately they should look to locate you.  This website is simply a form, which you can print and fill out, and then leave with whoever you wish.
It is a website of a company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  They provide you with an online registration and order forms (for both: those who want to be crewmembers, and for those who are looking for a crewmember), and there is a separate page with quite useful links (associations and online magazines mainly).

Professional stand-up comedian and live-aboard sailor Tracy Wright has teamed with comic strip artist and known Canadian Steve Ryan to create the first nationally syndicated comic strip devoted exclusively to the
peculiarities of sailors and their boats.  “If it happens afloat, we make fun of it.”  You can contact these people toll free at Progressive Design Syndicate, 1-888-800-0053.

They specialize in offshore ship and yacht registration in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  The website also has a lot to do with fishing charters, overall very nicely designed and informational.

Kitsap Sailing School, Washington’s Premier Traveling Sailing School offers lessons in both small boats and keelboats. We will bring our mobile classroom to your location. 
This is an amazing place, where they give you a lot of freedom when it comes to learning vs. relaxing.  Visit their website, and hopefully sail away on a wonderful adventure these people offer.  Beautifully designed, with gorgeous pictures – an absolute must if you are thinking about taking lessons in sailing in a warm and wondrous place.
Worser Bay Boating Club is the “Sunburst” dinghy sailing capital of New Zealand, single design small boat racing at its best. National Champions lead the Sunburst fleet, but there is intense rivalry in the middle of the fleet and lots of support and learning opportunities for beginners striving to get amongst the leaders. There is a fleet for every one.  Sunburst dinghies are ideal for Father/Mother and Children sailing, but also great for teenage sailors looking for good competitive racing. The club owns 6 Sunbursts, which are available for rent to graduates of a Learn-to-Sale program, or members with experience.  Learn-to-Sail activities are a club priority. Both formal courses and informal coaching and help is available.
It’s a sailing school based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  You can see a number of beautiful pictures at their site, and a lot of important information (like mailing address…) if you would consider taking advantage of their services.
This page contains extensive information about the Grand River Sailing Club located in Grand River, Ohio.  It not only gives you all the necessities to contact them and know what they are all about, but also their newsletter.  It is still in the works, so visit often!
This yacht club is situated on Georgian Bay, between Meaford and Collingwood, at the south end of Nottawasaga Bay, in Ontario, Canada.  The webpage is very informative – especially for the members, and people living in the vicinity, clear and concise.   The club provides sailing lessons for kids (over 10 years old) and adults, using the CYA’s curriculum (White Sail levels I, II & III).  First session is on June 28, 1999!
New Beginnings for Youth is an Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) based charity that delivers a “Passport Program”.  It involves a 34′ C&C “Cookie Monster” that has been converted into a floating classroom during the months of July and August. Each Monday starting in July the vessel leaves Ganaoque and sails to Kingston, Main Duck Island and returns through the 1000 Islands. They carry four youth (grade 9 to 12) and two staff: one Captain and a counselor. The sailing offers the youth an opportunity to take on special challenges and responsibilities while at the same time getting actively involved in learning about history, geography, math and environmental issues. They also learn to take great pride in their abilities. Although they are not racing, there is often room for the challenges of not being overtaken by other cruisers. They have been delivering the program since 1986 without incident and pride themselves on both the attention to safety and the delivery of the program.
Rose is a full-rigged ship, run by the non-profit HMS Rose Foundation.  She’s a replica of an 18th century Royal Navy Frigate that cruised the coast during the American Revolution.  The HMS Rose foundation conducts sail training sessions open to the general public.  This site is very pleasant to visit.  It’s clear, readable and truly interesting.
This is a website of a racing and cruising club, based at the Wiarton Marina in Wiarton, Ontario, Canada (on Colpoys Bay, which is an inlet off Georgian Bay).  They keep an active racing schedule for both sail and power boats, and invite everybody for their club races. 
This is also a Yacht Club, but it’s Internet based (what a great idea, eh?).  The site is very well designed, clear and pleasant, and the club itself offers great opportunities, as well.  You’ll find a vast amount of information there, a message board, classifieds and a link to The Top Yacht Sites list.  You can also subscribe to their newsletter.  A very worthwhile site.
Martin’s school and club is located on Folsom Lake, close to San Francisco, California, USA.  He is an ASA certified instructor, and in his teaching he puts pressure on hands-on experience, giving his pupils unlimited time on water.  While reading client comments, you can quickly see that Martin is a great teacher, and a very amicable person.   The website contains extensive information about his sailing packages, a lot of photographs, links to other websites, as well as his biography.
ASA certified sailing school offers sailing lessons and instruction, sailboat rentals and sail charters on Toms River and Barnegat Bay, NJ.
The magazine is published in Toronto, Ontario, and is available for sale in various parts of Canada.  You can also subscribe.  The website is very clear and nice to read through, and contains a database of the boats for sale (power or sail), page to place your ad on, list of events, and how to contact them.   They are also presenting seminars and flare presentations together with Mason’s The Store.
This is a website of a British sailing magazine.  Really nice site, containing a vast amount of information about practically anything pertaining to sailing.   It also has classified ads section, links section, and a truly cool and unique page called “Young Sailor”, where a nine-year-old “publishes” his cruising log – sailing from a totally different perspective!
Ocean Navigator magazine is dedicated to providing information on marine navigation and ocean voyaging for serious blue-water sailors.

There isn’t much more to say about this page, except that those are great stories, with equally interesting pictures.  Definitely a worthwhile place to visit, especially on those evening filled with longing for the sound of wind and water against the boat.
The title of this page is also the name of the boat, on which two people cruise the world.  The page is very interesting, complete with specifications of the boat, descriptions of ports visited, lessons they have learned while cruising, their route, a message board, links, and regular updates on the journey. 
The site is written by sailors for sailors.  Read about cruising destinations, harbours and anchorages around the world.  Virtually step on board and sail with us through Europe. You can also share your experiences with others by ‘publishing’ them on this site.
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