AIEEE Counseling

Process Flow:

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Opening and Closing Rank of AIEEE

Tentative Schedule of AIEEE 2011

Information Booklet of AIEEE

AIEEE Policy Documents

AIEEE Certificate Proforma

What is National Institute of Technology?

According to the National Institutes of Technology Act No. 29 of 2007, these institutes have been declared as institutions of national importance by the parliament.

Is there any management quota in NITs?

No. There is nothing like that.

My AIR is XXXXXX. Which seat will I get?

In order to get an idea of trends in preference, last year’s data of Opening Rank and Closing All India Rank in each institute, branch, category and quota are available on CCB website.
Indicative seat availability is also shown in the mock allotment. This gives an idea of what one can get in the current year. Based on these inputs, you have to arrive at your own conclusions. Finally, its only after actual allotment, answer to this question is available.

Which branch and institute is good? Where is the scope?

Each branch in engineering demands certain traits. You have to first understand your own liking, capabilities and limitations and check whether the branch you want suits you or not.
Institutes having good placements, facilities and faculty members are supposed to be good institutes.
If scope means merely no. of job opportunities with high salaries, it keeps on changing due to changes in economic conditions, technological advancements and social/ legal changes.
If a wider meaning of scope is meant, then scope is always for a person and not for stamps or labels he/she carries. Persons with talent, passion, commitment and hard work create scope for themselves out of nothing in any walk of life.

What preparation is needed to fill the choices?

It is very important to study all the participating institutes. One may visit their website, talk to persons who know about them or even visit the institutes personally and see where and how are the institutes.
Check whether the fee is affordable. Some institutes and branches have restrictions on age, gender and minimum marks in qualifying exam. Ensure that you fulfill those criteria.

What is the best strategy of choice filling?

Each choice of institute or branch must be such that you know completely what you are asking for. Include only those choices in your list where you are really prepared to go if you get an allotment. One must refrain from ambling or take-a-chance approach. No choice should be included in half hearted manner. It should not happen that after getting an allotment you say Oh! I did not want it. If that is so, it should not have been in the list of choices.
Maintaining strict order of preference is also very important. Assume that what you really want is at no. 17 in your list but you get choice no. 13. In the subsequent rounds, choice no. 1 to 12 only will be considered. Even if you get an opportunity to modify your choices later, what you wanted may not be available at that time.

Eligibility Requirement

What is State of Eligibility?

It is the state from where the candidate has passed the qualifying examination.

Can the candidate change wrong entry of his/her state of eligibility?

A candidate has passed the 10+2 examination from State 1(For example: Andhra Pradesh) and by mistake State of Eligibility is recorded as State 2 (For example: Arunachala Pradesh) in the Rank Card / Admit Card.
Yes, the candidate can change his/her State of Eligibility data to the correct State at the time of online registration as per his original documents.

Remark NOT PERMITTED TO FILLUP CHOICES ONLINE FOR COUNSELING is written on the Score Card. Can such candidate do online registration?

 No, such candidates are not permitted to do online registration.

NRI has qualified in AIEEE. What will be the state of eligibility?

The state of permanent address as given in the passport will be considered as the state of eligibility. At the time of reporting at the reporting centre, he/ she will be required to produce Passport in original.

Final Result / Marksheet of qualifying examination (QE) is not available due to delay in declaration of result, is he/she allowed?


If a candidate is appearing in supplementary qualifying examination, is he / she allowed?

Provisionally allowed, if proof of appearing in qualifying examination (QE) is submitted. Such candidates will be admitted provisionally, subject to the submission of proof of passing in qualifying examination latest by September 15, 2011 at the allotted institution. In case they fail to comply with this deadline for providing the proof of passing in the
qualifying examination, their admission shall stand cancelled.

Original marksheet / document are deposited somewhere else, and a certificate regarding this is available. Can such candidates report to reporting center after allotment?

Not Allowed.

What are the restrictions in branch / institution?

  •  Persons with Disabilities candidates are not allowed in Mining Engineering.
  •  Female Candidates are also not allowed in Mining Engineering in some of the institutions.
  •  Admission in GKV Haridwar is restricted to male candidates only, Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women University admits only women candidates.
  •  Please visit for details about restrictions

Score Card

 I have not received my AIEEE -2011 score card.

Please contact CBSE, Delhi for this purpose. You may download the Score Card from the website

How the seats will be allotted?

All the seats including Home state and Category will be allotted on the basis of All India Rank only. The ranks other than overall AIR are for statistical information.

What are the category codes used on the score card?

The following are category codes used on the score card
GEN General category, which includes all the categories and subcategories
OP Unreserved General Category
OPPH persons with disabilities General Category
OBC Other Backward Class
OBCPH persons with disabilities Other Backward Class
SC Scheduled Caste
SCPH persons with disabilities Scheduled Caste
ST Scheduled Tribe
STPH persons with disabilities Scheduled Tribe

Category Rules

As per AIEEE 2011 record, category is OPEN. Can the category be changed from OPEN to SC/ST/OBC?

No, It cannot be changed.

Is category change possible during online registration?

Change of Category is possible from SC/ST/OBC to OP at the time of online registration,but change of category from OP to reserved category is not allowed. Also change of category within SC/ST and OBC are not allowed.
If the candidate fails to submit category certificate or category given by the candidate is found to be wrong (not in the central list) at the time of verification of certificates at the time of reporting, his / her provisional allotment of the seat shall automatically stands cancelled.
However, the candidate will be allowed for the next rounds of seat allotment for the available vacant seats only, after obtaining an undertaking from the candidate and updating his/her category based on the original certificates

Is there any reservation for sub-category?

Reservation for sub-category is only for Persons with Disabilities. There is no reservation for any other sub-category.

Persons with Disabilities

Who is eligible for persons with disabilities category?

To be eligible for consideration under persons with disabilities category, a candidate must have a minimum of 40% disability subject to the condition that the candidate is capable of carrying out all activities related to theory and practical work as applicable to B.E. / B.Tech / B. Arch. courses

Online Registration

What happens if I do not register during June 11-23, 2011?

Such candidates cannot fill in choices and hence are out of the admission process of CCB( The first five rounds ). However they can register for the spot round during August 11-13, 2011.

If a candidate forgets his/her password, how to get a new password?

Whenever a candidate forgets his/her password he/she has to use the additional information given by him/her at the time of online registration to get a new password.

Can the candidate change his/her password?

Yes. The candidate can change his/her password.

Is there any compulsion to register online only at reporting center?

There is no compulsion. The eligible candidate can register ONLINE from any place of their convenience. Candidates may seek guidance, help and do their registration and choice filling at all the Reporting Centers/Help Centers.
However, candidates who get a seat allotted in round 1 or 2 or 3 must report to an reporting center.

Choice filling and Locking

How many choices can a candidate give?

A candidate can submit as many number of choices in order of preference as he/she wishes from the list of his/her available choices.

What is indicative allotment?

A mock allotment based on the choices saved by registered candidates is carried out. The feature is provided to facilitate the selection of the most appropriate stream, institution and branch at candidate’s rank and category, for finalization of their choices for locking.

What is locking?

Locking is the process of final submission of choices. It involves entering the password and confirmation of locking.

If a candidate doesn’t lock his/her choices, will they be processed for seat allotment?

It is in the interest of the candidates that they lock their choices themselves before the deadline. However, in the exceptional cases where candidates fail to lock their choices, the last saved choices will be locked automatically.

Can the candidate modify the choices after locking?

After locking the choices between 18-23 June, the candidate cannot modify his/her choices. However, opportunity to modify the choices will be available after 3rd and 4th round of allotments. For details, see the admission procedure.

What are Option I, II and III?

This is pertaining to considering choices of preference higher than the currently allotted seat. Option I means all the choices of higher preference (across the institute) be considered in the next round. Option II means only the higher preference choices within the currently allotted institute be considered in the next round. Option III means the candidate wants to finalise the currently allotted seat.

Can I change my Option?

Yes. Only once, after second round of allotment.

Which changes in Option are permissible?

The changes permissible are shown in the table below.
Option I    to
Option II
Option I    to
Option III
Option II   to
Option III

First preference seats

For round 1,2 and 3: Any candidate getting his/her first choice of preference in any round against their first preference in the list of choices given by them at the time of choice filling, the candidate is not eligible for consideration in subsequent rounds of seat allotment. However, the candidate may participate in internal sliding later, when he/she joins the institute.

Fee Rules

What is Initial fee? How is this adjusted?

Every candidate who is taking Provisional Admission against an allotted seat has to deposit Rs. 35,000/- (OP, OPPH, OBC and OBCPH) or Rs. 25,000/- (SC, SCPH, ST and STPH) as initial fee. This will be adjusted towards the total fee payable by the candidate at the allotted institute.

What are the modes of Initial fee payment?

Initial fee of Rs. 35,000/- (OP, OPPH, OBC and OBCPH) or Rs. 25,000/- (SC, SCPH, ST and STPH) may be paid in three different modes, given below:

  1. Initial fee can be paid through E-payment gateway provided in the Candidate login page, by a candidate after a seat has been allotted. Both Credit / Debit cards are accepted.
  2. Initial fee can be paid through e-challan. Candidates have to get the e-challan printed, and go to the nearest Corporation bank or ICICI bank and make cash payment.
  3. Initial fee can also be paid in the form of demand Draft, drawn in favor of Chairman, CCB-2011, payable at Mangalore.

Whether a candidate has to submit separate Demand Drafts for Engineering and Architecture Streams?

No. The candidates who have been selected both in Engineering and Architecture disciplines will be given option to retain any one allotment of their choice.

What are the Seat Cancellation and Fee refund rules?

  •  A candidate who takes provisional admission by reporting at an Reporting Center but does not get admitted to the allotted institute, will have to personally report for initiating the refund process at the same Reporting Center (where provisional admission was taken) on or before July 29, 2011. The candidate will get a refund of Rs. 34,000 (for OP, OPPH, OBC and OBCPH candidates) / Rs. 24000 (for SC, SCPH, ST and STPH candidates) in due course of time.
  • A candidate, who gets admitted to the allotted institute but cancels the admission on or before August 9, 2011, will get the refund from allotted institute in due course of time.  The candidate will get a refund of Rs. 34,000 (for OP, OPPH, OBC and OBCPH candidates) / Rs. 24000 (for SC, SCPH, ST and STPH candidates).
  • A candidate, who gets admitted to the allotted institute and cancels the admission after August 9, 2011 is not eligible for any refund. However, should CCB conduct any admission round after August 14, 2011, refund to such candidates will be governed by the rules of the allotted institute.
Cancellations and refunds will be done only on the dates stipulated for reporting.

Reporting Procedure

Can a candidate be allowed for reporting after scheduled date?

Not allowed. If the candidate doesn’t report at any one of the reporting centres for provisional admission, his/her allotment shall stand cancelled.
The resulting vacancy will be filled up in the subsequent round(s).

Can a candidate be permitted if he/she brings part of the required documents?

No. Not allowed. The candidate has to bring all the required documents in original along with one demand draft for Rs. 35,000/- (OP, OPPH, OBC and OBCPH candidates) / Rs. 25000 (for SC, SCPH, ST and STPH candidates) drawn in favour of Chairman, CCB-2011,  payable at MANGALORE drawn on any Nationalized Bank only or proof of having paid the initial fee by debit/credit card or e-challan copy.

What are the working hours of Reporting Centers, Help Centers, Participating Institutes and CCB Headquarter?

Generally, the working hours are 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM

For more details please contact Chandan Sengupta, Aurovindo Nagar, Bankura – 722101( West Bengal)


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